A Call To Greatness….

     This morning I went to our new family Physician, Dr. John Clendenin.  He asked me about my symptoms and then listened to my chest while I took deep breaths in and out.  I am so glad that we have doctors to help us when we are sick and give us their expertise advise on how we are to get well.  Doctors are here to help us have a better physical life.  Just as Preachers are here to help us grow in our spiritual lives, and teachers are here to help us grow intellectually.  The fact is, that we all have a specific call to greatness.  A job, a task, or a life-long vocation that enables us to carry out the call that God has placed on our lives.  No, God has not called everyone to serve in a vocational ministry, but as a Christian we are all called to a life devoted to finding out what God’s will is for our lives.  Sometimes that plan, His plan, changes to be different as we grow spiritually or as we get older.  but either way He has placed in our lives a CALL TO GREATNESS.  Your calling may be to minister to the people where you work, or to teach a Sunday school class, or to work at a senior center in your free time.  Whatever it is God has called YOU.  This is an excerpt that Steve Schieferstein sent me in an email today.  

     “If   you   believe   God  has  called  you  to

greatness,  your  response to that call should

be to fall on your face before Him. That’s how

every  great man and woman of God in Scripture

responded.  When an angel of the Lord appeared

to  Zacharias  telling him he would have a son

named John, Zacharias hit the floor and didn’t

move,  to the point that people wondered if he

was dead.

     The prophet Ezekiel said that in the

presence  of  the  Lord, and at the vision God

gave  him,  he collapsed on the floor. God had

to  tell  him  to  get up saying, “Son of man,

stand on your feet, and I will speak to you” (

Ezekiel  2:1).  When  John  the  Revelator saw

Jesus  standing  in  the  midst  of  the seven

churches,  he  wrote,  “And  when I saw him, I

fell at His feet as dead” (Revelation 1:17).

     Those  who exalt themselves are humbled by the

Lord.  Those  who humble themselves before the

Lord  are  those  whom  the  Lord  raises  up.” 

     When is the last time when you fell on your face before God?  When was the last time you really worshipped God?  Are you seeking Him in all you do?  Are you asking Him to help you bloom where you are planted?  Today, I pray that You will exalt the Lord with your actions, with your speech, in your relationships, with your innermost being, with your life.   


God Bless, Micah




1 Response to “A Call To Greatness….”

  1. 1 Mom
    April 23, 2008 at 1:33 am

    Actually, I was just walking and worshiping God and praying for several prayer requests.
    I’m really having to ask God to help me “bloom where I’m planted” right now. I’ts not an easy place to bloom but God is helping me. Isaiah 43:21 says we are made to proclaim His praise. I asked god to help me proclaim His praise today. You know, He did just that. It was a special day.
    Love you,

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