Sorry it’s been a while… I’ll start blogging again soon.  

  One of the most valued possessions in the world is the Hope diamond.  It Is the largest diamond in the world.  Since it was discovered in the 1600’s it has crossed several continents and has been stolen several times.  Jean Baptiste Tavernier, as a 112 3/16 carat diamond, first purchased it. Now it is 45.52 carats and has been owned by kings like Louis XIV, and King George IV and commoners alike.  As you can see, the size has been reduced, it has been cut several times. It is displayed in the Smithsonian in a donated vault valued at 500 thousand dollars.  If it is tampered within the slightest bit it will descend into a locked vault underground in a matter of less than a second.  Through all the passing of hands it has only increased in value.  So what is its value?  Some say a quarter of a BILLION dollars, but really because of it’s history, and it’s story it is  Priceless…

  Last week Brandi and I were able to spend some time alone in Destin, FL.  It was so relaxing and special.  My wife is SOO important to me, our relationship is Priceless.  It’s sad that so many men and women are willing to trade their marriages for a one night stand, or a workplace affair, for what??  It’s not worth it!! We spent the latter part of last week in Gulf Shores with the Harbison family. There were ever 40 of us.  We had the GREATEST time, just like we always do!!!  To me, my family is priceless!!  I would not trade my earthly family for anything in the world.  

  It was good to get back here in Union City with our church family, our brothers and sisters in Christ.  They are so sweet and encouraging and uplifting.  They are priceless.  Most importantly, I have a real relationship with a God that loves me, no matter what I have ever done to hurt Him.  I have been SOO disobedient to Him, yet He still loves me.  He is PRICELESS!!!!!

  Are there things in your life that are priceless?  Your spouse, your family, your relationships?  If there are then what are you doing to keep them?  What are you doing to protect them?  or are you just leaving them out in the open just to fend for themselves?  Spend some time today writing down the things that are priceless to you.  Write down what you can do to protect them.  


God Bless, Micah Harbison


1 Response to “Precious…”

  1. 1 Mom
    June 11, 2008 at 12:37 pm

    Well, for starters my relationship with my Lord, my husband and my boys are priceless to me.
    Of course my daughters-in-law, even though I’ve only known one of them for a little over two years, are priceless to me. My mother, my sisters, and my Harbison family are priceless to me. Just like you said, my Christian family wherever they are on this earth are priceless to me.
    Everything else can be destroyed on this earth but these relationships can’t. They’ll last forever. Can’t wait to see my son in Heaven and continue my relationship with him. Thanks for the reminder Micah.
    Love ya lots,

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