Be Near…


Today was a blessing!!  I had the priviledge today of leading worship at our church.  It was a blessing to be in God’s house with His people worshipping His holy name.  I was able to sing the song “Be Near” by Shane and Shane, it went well.  That is my prayer today that God will Be Near to me right now.  The truth is, God is always near to us.  He does not leave us or forsake us, He promises us that in His Word.  Im sure you’ve heard the story of the elderly man and woman that were driving down the road in their antique pick-up truck each sitting on their side of the truck. They saw a newer truck coming towards them with what looked like a two headed monster driving it, as the truck grew closer the older couple realized that it was a young couple, probably in the early stages of their relationship, they were sitting real close to each other.  The wife immediately had a flashback and said “I remember years ago when we used to sit like that, why don’t we sit like that anymore?”  The very wise husband casually looked over at his sweet wife of over fifty years and said, “well, I haven’t moved”.  That is the truth about God, there times in our lives when we want Him to be near to us, we want to be able to feel Him with us, and He is there the whole time.  We are the ones that have chosen, for some reason, to move farther away from Him.  So my prayer today is that I will draw near to God, I know that He is right here waiting on me to sit next to Him and to fellowship with Him.  Let Him be near to you today.



1 Response to “Be Near…”

  1. 1 Mom
    August 4, 2008 at 10:21 am

    We had a wonderful day today also. I was wondering how it went at your church? Jeff Baron and his wife joined our church today.
    Bro. Steve is preaching about relationships. God has blessed you with a wonderful wife. CHERISH HER!!!!
    Love you,

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