Finally Roadsign #7 for finding God’s Will

The #7 Roadsign for finding God’s will is to ask yourself this question? “WHAT GIVES GOD THE MOST GLORY?”

What can i do in my life to bring God the most Glory? I don’t want to draw attention to me and what I am doing, its not my what makes me happy or look good, but how can the gospel be displayed in my life and make others look at what Christ did and is doing?  It is so hard sometimes to think about the Glory of God before our glory.  Our lives as Christians should be all about Jesus. He deserves the best of all that we have to give!! Jesus deserves the best of our talents and our dearest possessions. Who really owns that cars i have, or that house, that music, that wardrobe, those books, guitars, etc? Jesus’ Name should be all over everything. He should have prior claim to how it all gets used since He paid for your life with His life on a cross!Everything we do should give God some glory somehow.  I am so guilty of hoarding up glory for myself at times.

In a few days I am going to Nicaragua, and I am going to be able to let God be glorified on my life.  My prayer is that many people would come to know Him and that His Name be glorified in all that we do.

Are you giving Him Glory??

God Bless!!!!


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