Have A Happy New Year Hunting…

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Well, Hunting season is FULLY here!! I got to enjoy this morning (New Years Day) doing one thing that I LOVE, duck hunting. The coolest part was that it was with one of my students. Once you have met “Big A” (Anthony) you will NEVER forget him!!! He is a sophomore at Obion Central High school and plays football and basketball. The reason we call him Big A is because he is a giant of a dude! He is 16 years old, 6 foot 2 inches and weighs 320 lbs. But he is a gentle giant to say the least. We had a blast and grew closer to each other as we shared favorite hunting stories and laughed as we talked about his high school friends and the stuff they do. Even the bad things that he chooses not to participate in. He reminded me about the time that he accepted Christ a few years ago at youth camp, I had the privilege of leading him through the sinners prayer. It was so encouraging to me as an adult to be able to share with a young man that knows the difference between right and wrong, and truly wants to make GOOD choices. As a student minister it seems that teenagers like Big A are hard to find these days.
You know we all as Christians are to spend time investing in people to help them grow in their faith! This is one on my new years resolutions, to invest in the lives of others. We did end up harvesting a few ducks, but did not bag the limits. In the hunting world we did not have a stellar day but in my world this morning was AWESOME!!!! Thank You Big A for encouraging me to live different this new year of 2011.

Big A and Me New Years Morning 2011

What is your resolution? Maybe you don’t do resolutions, but need to just make a decision to be ALL that He wants you to be!

Happy New Year and may God use you in a mighty way to encourage others.



1 Response to “Have A Happy New Year Hunting…”

  1. 1 Cindy Harbison
    February 24, 2011 at 9:26 pm

    Wow, Micah! Your Dad and I just read this post. I had forgotten about your blog and thought,”I need to check Micah’s blog, I haven’t read it in a while.” I’m soooo glad I did. What a blessing! We’re so proud of the way God is using you and your precious wife. Your young people are a blessing also. We love you soo much. Keep up the good work!!!!!!
    Mama and Daddy

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