what is worship??? day 6

     Today (Friday) was a GREAT day!!!  Brandi and I went to Kentucky Lake with the Arnolds from church, to check out a cabin that Seth, Cameron, Justin and I are going to stay at next weekend.  I am so thankful for God’s beautiful creation!!!  I love this time of year, when everything, and everyone is getting ready for Summer.  I love when the weather starts heating up. I love to wear shorts outside for the first time.  I believe that I was born to wear flip-flops, they are so great!!!  I enjoy cutting grass the first few times of the season, it’s really a blessing now because it only takes about 10 minutes from start to finish.  I guess that’s just one of the joys of living in a town-house.  

     Lets get back to our series on worship.  

Psalm 40:9-10 I have told all people about your justice.  I have not been afraid to speak out, as you, O LORD, well know.  I have not kept this good news hidden in my heart; I have talked about your faithfulness and saving power.

     5. Worship must spill out in the streets. 

   You see, in all that we do others should see us worshipping God.  The world should see that, somethings different about us.  Once again, Worship is not just private, its public.  David says to God,” I’ve not been afraid to speak out”.  He pretty says, God I’m “sold out” for You, You know this.  To me, this Is sometimes one of the easiest ways to worship,  because we can use almost anything that happens in our day to lead us to worship, and to share our worship with others. Think about it…. we have many chances to thank God OUTLOUD everyday, especially when someone’s watching.  How bout when you do well at something at work, or on a test, or at a sporting event.  These are great opportunities to point others to God.

      One of the biggest and most obvious ways that our worship can spill out in the streets is by the MUSIC that we listen to.  This gets most people every time, ouch.  I was sitting at a H.S. baseball game a few weeks ago and a popular rap song came on over the loud speaker, i think some of the words were bleeped out.  I had never heard it before, and a student and her mom, sitting next to me, was shocked that I did not know that song, or the words.  On the inside I was kinda feeling left out, but I made it clear that I only listen to Christian music.  Then I realized that this was a good thing.  This song did not bring glory to God, so I did not need to know it.  Does your favorite music glorify God???  Do others see your Godly worship spilling out through your conversation?  Do they notice a difference in you?   Do you ever talk about God’s faithfulness and saving power???


God Bless!!  mh 


2 Responses to “what is worship??? day 6”

  1. 1 Mom
    May 11, 2008 at 8:06 pm

    AMEN again. I agree wholeheartedly.
    Love ya lots,

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